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Staging Strategies To Boost Winter Home Sales

Selling During The Holidays

Staging Strategies To Boost Winter Home Sales

Joe Houghton is Founder of The Minnesota Property Group, providing outstanding real estate services to the Twin Cities metro area.

There are both advantages and disadvantages that are inherent in listing a home for sale in the winter. However, one factor remains constant: Presenting a home in its best light will result in a quicker sale and a higher selling price. Reduced inventory on the market in the winter months provides a golden opportunity to make your home stand out. Here are several suggestions aimed at showing any property at its winter best.

Winter Curb Appeal

Positive first impressions are critical when selling a home. Keep the walkways shoveled and free of ice. Fill window boxes with pine branches and boughs of holly. If you are lucky enough to have a front porch, hang a simple garland of pine or spruce. No porch? No worries. Place a live potted evergreen near the entryway. Also, nothing says welcome like a wreath on the front door.

While we are on the subject of doors, painting yours a lively, cheerful color will up your curb appeal game significantly. Clean the glass on outdoor light fixtures, and replace any burned-out lightbulbs. An attractive new doormat where guests can wipe their wet shoes or boots before they enter your home is a must.

Turn Up The Heat

If it’s too chilly in your home, buyers may be in a hurry to leave. When it’s cold outside and warm inside, potential buyers will want to linger. When they do go, they will take with them a favorable impression of your home as a comfortable, inviting and nurturing place.

Make The Fireplace A Focal Point

A gas, electric or traditional wood-burning fireplace is a definite selling point during the winter months. Make it the eye-catching feature of the room, and be sure to turn it on during showings to add ambiance and warmth. Let your buyer’s imagination conjure up a Norman Rockwell moment as they picture the family playing board games and sipping cocoa in front of the fire.

Set The Stage With Hygge

lifestyle practiced by the Danes since (at least) the 18th century, hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) is the perfect concept to introduce into your winter home staging. The most beautiful aspect of this style is that it is easy to accomplish, and many of you probably already have adopted the style instinctively.

Decorating with hygge in mind is about texture, softness and warmth. It’s a knitted throw draped over a comfortable chair, velvet pillows on the sofa, fluffy rugs underfoot and calming colors of white, gray and cream. It’s soft lighting, candles, warm woods and cozy nooks, perfect for curling up with a good book and a cup of aromatic tea.

Up Your Lighting Game

As the daylight hours get short, chances are you will have showings after nightfall. Make sure your home is well lit and cheerful, not dark and gloomy. It’s a good idea to increase the wattage on your lightbulbs and convert to LED where possible.

Having both indoor and outdoor lights on a timer is an excellent option to consider. Keeping the drapes open will allow more natural light in during the day. When evening falls, a home with light spilling out of the windows will beckon buyers to come in out of the frosty night.

Holiday Décor

Decorating for the holidays can be an asset. However, keep it simple and in proportion to the living space. Do not have a tree too large for the room or too many decorations throughout the house. It will look more like clutter and will not enhance your home’s appeal. Also, remember to keep the decorations generic and not personal. The goal is to have potential buyers envisioning celebrating with their own family and friends in what is currently your home. Be committed to packing away the holiday-themed items immediately after the celebration is over.

A Home for All Seasons

If your home has outstanding landscaping and gardens, don’t let winter stop you from touting it. Provide photos of your home, yard and outdoor living spaces taken in the summer months. Buyers will appreciate knowing that when spring arrives, they can look forward to an explosion of greenery, blossoming shrubs and flower beds.

By Joe Houghton On November 18th, 2019

Sprucing Up Rooms


Normally, when we picture laundry rooms, we see these dank spaces shoved to the side of basements. Laundry rooms are traditionally strictly utilitarian. They don’t have to be pretty, they just have to be a place to do the laundry. But if you’re tired of looking at that dank laundry room, there are some classy ways to update it.

Depending on how you decide to update your laundry room, it could require anything from some inexpensive reorganization to a whole remodel. For instance, if you want a real overhaul of the space with professionally installed wall paneling, it can cost in the low hundreds of dollars all the way to the low thousands of dollars. That price depends on materials, square feet covered and local labor costs. A full remodel of the room costs thousands of dollars, on average. And redoing a laundry room can take anywhere from an afternoon of organizing to a few days to weeks for a heavy remodel.

However, it might be worth it if your laundry room is severely old and gross, or somewhere people can see it. And a real creative update could turn the laundry area into a mixed-use space.

Small accents like textured wood can add a natural feel to a laundry room. Image: Evgeny Atamanenko/Shutterstock


If you want maximum impact with limited cost, simply try getting some new paneling in the laundry area. You can see how the textured wood on the walls of the space in the photo above adds some visual interest and a more natural look. The textured wood flooring gives the same feel. And the added accent of the creative floating shelving gives this space a more modern vibe.

After all, the problem with laundry rooms is that they tend to be shoved in the basement or off to the side as a utilitarian afterthought. That means cement floors and exposed concrete block walls. So new flooring and wall paneling could be an easy way to comprehensively update the space.

Some homes combine the kitchen with laundry functionality. Image: romakoma/Shutterstock


With people living in smaller spaces, a laundry room might not be a luxury for which you have space. Maybe you need to convert that laundry room into a bedroom or spare office.

That’s where an unconventional idea like the mixed-use space in the photo above comes in. Basically, this involves installing a washing machine where you’d normally have a dishwasher under the kitchen counter. While unusual in the U.S., this laundry/kitchen combo is common abroad.

You can also look into designs where the laundry room itself becomes a mixed-use space. For instance, it’s common to see a laundry space in the corner of a children’s play area, workout area, game room or by an all-purpose table space. These are common ideas for open-concept basements, in particular.

Rich wood pieces and minimalism make this laundry space look updated. Image: New Africa/Shutterstock


You can also update your laundry room in the way you organize and decorate it. This is perhaps the easiest way to update your laundry room. The space above shows how simple accents in the laundry room can give a relaxed, zen vibe.

The greenery on the floating shelf gives the space a more natural feel. Rich wood accents like the clothing rack, small table and divider add warmth to the space. And they’re also useful items in the room. All these elements are placed far apart to give the space a sense of minimalism. By doing something similar, you can create an updated and relaxing laundry room.

And remember, laundry machines often have specific needs for parts like drain hoses. If you’re doing a major redesign, make sure to talk to a remodeler about how the washing machine will empty and any necessary components like nearby drains to handle potential machine leaks.

By Michelle Honeyager On August 2nd, 2019